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Common Air Conditioning Problems You Should Know About

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Air conditioners are one of the most common appliances in use today. They can be found in homes, businesses, and vehicles, providing a refreshing blast of cool air on hot days. Unfortunately, like all mechanical devices, air conditioners are susceptible to occasional problems

Here are the most common air conditioning problems that you should be aware of:

Sensor Problem

Air conditioners of all makes and models come with a thermostat sensor, which is usually located near the evaporator coil. It is responsible for measuring the air temperature in the coil and adjusting the cooling performance based on the condition inside your living space. It also tells your unit when to turn on and off. If the sensor is not working properly, the air conditioner will not function correctly, turning your summer experience into a disaster. 

Water Leak

While a small amount of water around your air conditioner unit is normal, excessive moisture could signify a bigger problem. If you notice water pooling around your unit or dripping from it, you should not take it lightly as it could be an indicator of a dirty filter, blocked drain pipe, broken condensate pan, and low coolant level. You should contact an HVAC professional for AC installation near me Clemmons, NC, as soon as possible to have your unit serviced.  

Electric Control Failure

During the peak season, air conditioners run 24/7, and with frequent use, your unit’s fan controls, compressor, and the blower motor can wear out. If left unfixed, it can lead to an electrical control failure eventually. 

Common signs to look out for are short cycling and an unresponsive air conditioner to the thermostat even after adjustment. If you notice this happening, it’s best to turn off your unit and call an AC repair technician as soon as possible. 

While a repair might work most of the time, there’s nothing wrong with upgrading your system, and a premium quality AC installation near me Clemmons, NC, can be a lifesaver from the pros.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Your evaporator coil is responsible for absorbing heat from your living space, and it does so by pulling in the warm air from your home and passing it over the cold evaporator coils. 

This heat transfer process cools down the air, which is then pushed back into your room through the vents. If there’s insufficient airflow or if the temperature around the coil drops below freezing, the water vapor in the air will condense and freeze on the coils. 

This can hamper your unit’s performance and lead to expensive repairs along the way. If you notice ice buildup, turn off your unit and call an AC technician immediately.

Strange Noises

While your unit is expected to make some noise while running, you shouldn’t be hearing screeching, grinding, or banging sounds coming from it. These noises usually indicate a bigger problem, such as a loose fan belt or a failing compressor. If you hear any strange noises coming from your unit, don’t leave it unattended for quite some time. It’s best to turn it off and call a licensed and certified technician right away.

Refrigerant Leak 

Refrigerant is a critical component of your air conditioner, and it helps in the heat transfer process. Over time, however, your unit’s coolant can leak, causing your AC to underperform. So, whether you notice your unit is not cooling as it should be or if there’s fluid leakage, those could be signs of a refrigerant leak. 

While it may be tempting to inspect and fix the hole on your own, remember that a local HVAC technician is just a phone call away. From AC installation near me Clemmons, NC, and maintenance to repair or replacement, a well-seasoned technician got all your specific needs covered.

It’s Not Blowing Cold Air

We’ve all been there. You wake up at night feeling sticky because your air conditioner is no longer blowing cold air. That’s definitely the last thing you want to experience during the sweltering days, and you can’t help but wonder why. There could be a problem with the compressor, coils, or coolant level. It could also mean that your vents are blocked. Remember that regular AC maintenance can help you avoid such issues and keep your unit running in top condition all year long.

Your Unit Is Freezing

While an ice-cold blast of air coming from your vents might sound appealing on a hot day, it’s not supposed to happen. If you notice that your unit is freezing and the air coming out is lukewarm, faulty evaporator coils or low coolant levels can be the culprit. 

It’s best to have a professional examine it and determine the root cause of the problem before things get worse. If a repair does not work, you can never go wrong with a replacement, and a local HVAC contractor that provides top-of-the-line AC installation near me Clemmons, NC, has got you covered!

What to Do With a Broken, Faulty, or Malfunctioning Air Conditioner

No one wants to deal with a broken, faulty, or malfunctioning air conditioner. After all, it’s hot outside, and the last thing you want is to come home to a stuffy and sweaty house. But what do you do when your AC unit starts acting up? Here are a few tips you can follow:

  1. Pay Attention to the Thermostat

When your AC unit starts acting up, it’s essential to check the thermostat before anything else. Ensure it’s set to the correct temperature and that the batteries are not dead. It’s a lifesaver to have extra batteries you can use for an emergency like this.

  1. Inspect the Air Filter Thoroughly

A dirty air filter can also cause your AC unit’s poor performance. If the filter is clogged or has a buildup of dirt, it will restrict airflow and make your unit work harder to cool down your home. To avoid this, it’s worthwhile to check the filter regularly and replace it when necessary. Although a brand new filter can be expensive, you can ensure your comfort and indoor air quality are not compromised.

  1. Check the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are the heart of your air conditioning system. They help make sure that cool, conditioned airflow replaces hot and unconditioned ones in every room you’re trying to regulate with this machine! However, a dirty condenser coil will make your AC unit work harder and less efficiently.

To clean the coils, simply turn off the power to the unit and remove the coil access panel. Using a soft brush, gently remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the coils. Once you’re done, reassemble the panel and turn the power back on.

  1. Check for Obstructions

Have you ever had an AC unit that just doesn’t seem to be working right? It might sound strange, but there could be something blocking the airflow. It could be anything from furniture or drapes getting in front of your vents and stopping airflow out into them. All you have to do is remove the obstructions. You can ask for help from your friends and family if needed.

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner in Excellent Working Order 

Although air conditioners are designed to last for many years, they will eventually break down and need to be replaced. To avoid this, it’s important to take care of your unit and keep it well-maintained. The following are some beginner-friendly maintenance tips that would help make your job easier and less daunting than ever!

  • Be Mindful of the Placement of Your Unit

Did you know that where you place your air conditioner can affect its efficiency? If it’s set in direct sunlight, it will have to work harder to cool down your home. The same goes for if it’s placed near an area where there’s a lot of heat being generated. It is best to place your unit in a shady spot.t

  • Keep the Area Around Your Unit Clean

Maintaining a clean, debris-free environment will help you avoid costly repairs to your AC system. Regularly sweep and vacuum up any dirt or leaves that accumulate around the unit, as this can obstruct airflow for optimal performance!

  • Give It a Good Cleaning

The easiest way to keep your AC in perfect working order is by giving it a good cleaning every now and then. You can use either the brush or hose attachment on any floor-type machine, but make sure you disconnect from power first before getting started!

  • Get It Inspected Regularly

The summer heat can take its toll on our air conditioners. If you don’t have an annual inspection by a professional, then chances are that something might be wrong with yours and need to be fixed before it becomes too late!

Malfunctioning Air Conditioners? Bring Back Your Home Comfort with Blown Away HVAC Today! 

If your air conditioner is on the fritz, it can be a real pain. Not only is it hot and sticky outside, but now you have to deal with a stuffy and sweaty house as well. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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