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Our air conditioning services will help you keep your cool year round.

In other regions of the country, air conditioning is nice to have, but not necessary to keep homes comfortable during most times of the year. In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, however, air conditioning is a much-needed utility for the majority of homes and businesses in the area. During the hot summer months, many people feel as if they wouldn’t be able to handle the heat and humidity without the help of a good air conditioner.

Air Conditioning in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

One of the best ways to ensure that your air conditioning unit is in good condition and ready to go during the next heat wave is to schedule annual maintenance with an HVAC professional. Getting these regular air conditioning system checkups is the easiest way to prevent small issues from expanding into more serious problems over time. When you contact an HVAC contractor from our team at Blown Away HVAC, they’ll be able to thoroughly look over your system to make any required repairs and ensure that everything is working efficiently.

When to get a new AC

When your air conditioning system isn’t working as it should, it could actually be costing you more money. An inefficient system can easily lead to higher energy bills, as your system needs to work harder in order to keep up with your cooling needs. A quick maintenance or repair appointment might be all you need to save money during the summer months!

Whether your air conditioning system needs some minor repairs or needs to be completely replaced, our team is ready to help. Simply reach out to us today to schedule an appointment with a professional!

Common Signs that Indicate You Need An Air Conditioning Replacement

FAQs About Air Conditioning

Ensuring your air conditioner is in top working order is essential for maintaining a cool and relaxing home. As an experienced team that works on air conditioners, heating systems, and more, we suggest an annual checkup to maintain your unit effectively. We’ve also answered many questions about energy efficiency and air conditioning over the years, helping our customers with all their HVAC needs. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most asked questions below.

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How do air conditioning units work?

Air conditioners take the heat from the air inside and send it outside by compressing and expanding refrigerant in a loop. Once the heat is released, the cycle starts again.

How often should I change or clean the filters in my air conditioner?

Depending on how often you use your air conditioner and the type of filter, you should clean or change the filters every one to three months. If filters get clogged, airflow and productivity can be affected. Also, if you have pets in the home, you may want to clean or change them more often as pet hair and dander quickly build up.

How can I make my air conditioner use less energy?

You can make your air conditioner use less energy by ensuring it has the proper insulation, sealing up holes and cracks in your home, using a programmable thermostat, scheduling regular maintenance, and cleaning or changing the air filters often. We can also assess your unit to determine if you need an upgrade to a more energy-efficient model.

Does my air conditioner need to be taken care of regularly?

Your air conditioner needs to be serviced regularly to keep running smoothly and extend its life. Annual maintenance usually includes:

  • Cleaning the coils.
  • Checking the amount of refrigerant.
  • Looking at the electrical parts.
  • Ensuring proper airflow.
Can an air conditioner freeze?

Air conditioners can freeze if there isn’t enough refrigerant, the airflow is blocked, or the blower fan isn’t working right. Taking care of this problem quickly is vital to keep the system from getting damaged.

At Blown Away HVAC, we offer air conditioning services in Winston-Salem, Mocksville, Advance, Bermuda Run, Clemmons, Lewisville, Pfafftown, and Kernersville, North Carolina.


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