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Are you on the lookout for heating or air conditioning installation, repair, or replacement? Blown Away HVAC has got you covered


Do you live in Lewisville, NC, and need an HVAC contractor? Search no more. Blown Away HVAC is there for you. We have served the Lewisville area and nearby regions for a very long time; therefore, our customers value our knowledge and efficiency in HVAC system repairs and new installations. As a family-run business, Blown Away HVAC values and treats your home as if it were our own when delivering any HVAC services and restoring comfort.

Lewisville, NC, experiences high winter and summer temperatures. You need an efficient HVAC system that can control your home’s temperature fast and precisely. Your heat pump can significantly impact your home’s comfort for you throughout the year. Blown Away HVAC will assist you in the new heat pump installation in your Lewisville, NC home.

Additionally, our company fixes, maintains and replaces different heat pump models. Our technicians also identify and repair various heat pump issues. Call us immediately when your heat pump makes unusual noises because your equipment is overworking. If your machine brings high utility costs or provides poor temperature quality, this is another indication that it’s broken. Our knowledgeable professionals will help you spot the problem and offer a suitable, long-lasting solution.

Also, they may do maintenance on your heat pump to extend its life and improve efficiency. If you don’t service and maintain your heat pump regularly, it could break down and cost too much or be irreparable. Based on the unique HVAC needs of your home, our staff uses Cool Calc technology to choose the ideal heat pump for you.

Well Trained HVAC Technicians

Our crew comprises skilled technicians with extensive training, credentials, and experience. With many years of industry experience, our company has the knowledge and skills to give each client high-quality services. We equip our professionals with modern tools and put them through rigorous training so they can provide our clients with first-class services. The fact that our technicians are committed to lifelong learning guarantees that they are constantly aware of the most cutting-edge developments in their field.

As a certified and insured company, you can rely on us to provide high-quality HVAC repair and maintenance in Lewisville, NC. We provide excellent HVAC services because we are supported by a team of experts who are constantly willing to assist.


Choose Blown Away HVAC in Lewisville, NC

You can trust Blown Away HVAC to provide all your HVAC needs in Lewisville, NC. We offer timely emergency assistance every day of the year, including holidays. Our specialists are skilled and will treat your area with the same care as their own. They won’t invade your privacy or create any annoyance. Additionally, before they begin, our Blown Away technicians provide free quotes. Don’t stress about the cost because we offer affordable rates for all our HVAC services. You won’t regret reaching out to us immediately for all your HVAC services.

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