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When your old furnace is on its last leg, you need a professional, affordable, reliable team to issue diagnostics and recommend a new unit. At Blown Away HVAC, we’ve performed countless furnace installations in Mocksville, NC, and we’re here to help when you need a new furnace. Get your home prepared for the winter today by calling us for immediate service.

Furnace Installation in Mocksville, NC

Industry-Certified Furnace Installation in Mocksville, NC

Is your heating system failing to provide adequate heat? We’ve created a list of common signs that your furnace is beyond its lifespan: 

  • Age: After about 10-15 years of solid use, it’s likely time to replace your furnace. Continuing to use an old furnace is inefficient and can even be dangerous.
  • Rising energy bills: If you’ve noticed your utility bills rise despite not using your furnace more, it might be time to replace it. Older and malfunctioning units will use more power to generate less heat.
  • Dust, soot, dirt, and rust: If you’ve noticed an above-average accumulation of dirt and other debris in your unit or your home, this is a surefire sign to get a new furnace installation in Mocksville, NC.
  • Humidity problems: If your home has poor air quality, contact us, as your furnace might be to blame.
  • Uneven heating: Often, we get calls from clients saying they notice some rooms aren’t getting adequate heat—this is likely due to a faulty furnace.
  • Strange noises: Your furnace shouldn’t run loudly. If it does, or if you hear rattling or other unsettling sounds, you might need to replace your furnace, as this indicates cracks, leaks, and other structural issues.
  • Regular repairs: Don’t pay more on repairs than a new unit would cost. Repairing more frequently means it’s time to upgrade.

Trusted Furnace Installation in Mocksville, NC

Why choose Blown Away HVAC as your furnace company in Mocksville, NC? No matter the problem you’re dealing with, we’re the installation experts in the area, and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through our installation process. 

Some reasons to choose us among other providers include: 

  • Free estimates
  • Cool Calc for fast and efficient diagnostics
  • Same-day service
  • Financing options and frequent deals
  • Straightforward quotes and pricing
  • Easy scheduling online
  • Comfort and peace of mind guaranteed

Need a New Furnace Installed? Reach Out to Us Now!

Today, there are many furnace brands and types from which to choose. Many homeowners decide to replace their old units with the same brand and model, especially given the appropriate space and facilities already being inside their homes. 

Want to make the switch to something more energy efficient? We’ve got you covered! Call us today to learn more about the gas, electric, and oil furnaces we can install in your Mocksville, NC, home.

Furnace System Installation

Furnace services in Mocksville, NC, don’t have to be complicated. That’s why at Blown Away HVAC, we walk you through every step of our process. We never recommend an installation unless it is entirely necessary, and we’ll expend every effort to meet you where you’re at financially.

Furnace Installation by Blown Away HVAC

Stop suffering through the brutal cold. Call Blown Away HVAC today at 336-914-3036 to get the best furnace installation in Mocksville, NC! 

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