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Mocksville, NC, residents know how harsh the city’s weather can feel in extreme seasons. In both the summer and the winter, you need a quality HVAC system capable of giving your home reliable temperature control at a moment’s notice. Your home’s heat pump can make all the difference in maintaining a comfortable temperature year-round.

Despite the name, heat pumps are equally exceptional at keeping your home cool or warm. When you need a professional team to install a heat pump in Mocksville, NC, there is no better company than Blown Away HVAC.

Our family-owned-and-operate company can install, replace, repair, and maintain all models of heat pumps. We are also fully licensed, insured, and professionally trained. Trust our HVAC company in Mocksville, NC, to get the job done right regardless of what heat pump services you need.

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Top-Quality Heat Pump Services in Mocksville, NC

There isn’t a better air conditioning and heating company in Mocksville, NC, for heat pump repair than ours. Our technicians have seen and fixed countless heat pumps, so there isn’t an issue we can’t diagnose and service. 

You should call our team immediately to schedule a repair service If you notice any of these telltale signs of a worn-down heat pump:

  • Strange Noises: Loud, unexpected sounds are often signs of a heat pump working too hard. If you notice strange noises from your heat pump, it’s likely because it has to overcompensate for a mechanical issue.
  • Poor Temperature Quality: There is no more unmistakable sign of a malfunctioning heat pump than one that isn’t doing its job. If the machine isn’t working, there could be a leak or another problem that a professional team will be able to fix in no time.
  • Skyrocketing Utility Bills: Higher-than-expected utilities typically result from a heat pump working too hard and exerting too much power. Blown Away HVAC will diagnose why your heat pump uses so much energy and repair the issue. 

Hassle-Free Heat Pump Services in Mocksville, NC

The best way to keep your heat pump healthy and eliminate the need for extensive repairs is with annual maintenance from your local experts in heating and air in Mocksville, NC. 

Our team’s services are good for more than breakage prevention. Our annual maintenance will provide the following benefits:

  • Increased heat pump efficiency
  • Improved life span
  • Energy savings from improved heat pump performance

Your Go-To Experts Heat Pump Services in Mocksville, NC

Unfortunately, unmaintained heat pumps with undiagnosed issues that persist too long will break beyond the point where repair or maintenance can save them. But when that happens, there is no better team to replace or install a new heat pump in Mocksville, NC, than Blown Away HVAC.

Our technicians have access to the highest-quality heat pumps available and know how to install them quickly and with professional precision. And thanks to our CoolCalc technology, an ACCA-backed program that diagnoses your home’s specific HVAC needs in moments, we’ll know which heat pump will be perfect for your home as soon as we arrive.

Affordable Heat Pump Services in Mocksville, NC

Our biggest commitment is to your complete satisfaction. We will work tirelessly through every step of the process to provide top-quality work and an unrivaled customer experience, regardless of what heat pump service you schedule.

Our technicians are as considerate as they are knowledgeable. When we come to your home for heat pump services, we will treat your space our own, being careful not to track in dirt, create distractions, or disturb your privacy longer than necessary.

We will also work to keep our costs low. Rather than sacrificing the quality of the parts or services we provide, we’ve made it our mission to make premium HVAC services accessible to everyone in and around Mocksville.

Schedule Your Heat Pump Service Today!

If you’re looking for the best possible heat pump in Mocksville, NC, and a team capable of installing it quickly and hassle-free, look no further than Blown Away HVAC.

Our technicians are masters in all things heat pumps. If you need an old heat pump repaired or maintained, we will diagnose all issues, big or small, and fix them promptly to have the machine in perfect condition. If you need an HVAC system replaced, we will bring you the best-quality heat pumps available and professionally install them for an affordable rate.

Call Blown Away HVAC today at 336-914-3036 for repairs or maintenance on your heat pump in Mocksville, NC.

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