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Reliable Furnace Repair in Clemmons, NC

When your furnace stops when you need it most, you might be tempted to fix it yourself. But your limited knowledge and tools might lead to potential and expensive repair problems. 

So, nothing can beat the services of a professional. When you’ve been searching for an expert without a good result, your long wait is over with Blown Away HVAC. 

Aside from the advanced tools and equipment, we take great pride in our team of technicians. Not only are they licensed, but they’re also well-experienced. 

Why Is Your Furnace Short Cycling? 

Short cycling is one of the common furnace problems home, and business owners experience. It’s when your heating system starts and stops quickly and frequently. If your furnace is short cycling, there could be several reasons. Some of them are highlighted below:

Dirty Filters

A dirty filter can cause your furnace to overheat and short cycle. That’s why you have to keep it clean and tidy regularly. If cleaning doesn’t work, a replacement might be a bright idea. 

You can also switch to a different filtration system if the need arises. You can consider HEPA filter as it can trap approximately 99% of dust, pollen, and pet dander. Unfortunately, they can reduce your air conditioning airflow. For your peace of mind, you can ask help from the pros of furnace repair in Clemmons, NC.

Defective Thermostat

When a furnace is short cycling, many people believe it’s automatically because of a clogged filter. But that’s not always the case. The problem could be your thermostat. Perhaps, its wiring is loose, or your thermostat is not installed properly. Maybe, your thermostat is outdated. 

To avoid any guesswork, it’s best to leave the job to a technician with in-depth expertise in furnace repair in Clemmons, NC.

Clogged Air Ducts

Over time, dirt may start to accumulate in your air ducts. This excess buildup of dust and other debris affects airflow within your furnace, putting so much strain on your unit and leading to frequent short cycling. 

So, if you suspect your ductwork is clogged or some of your rooms are warmer than the rest, don’t hesitate to give an experienced service provider a call to fix the problem right away before it gets worse.

Improper Furnace Installation

When installing a heating system, you’re looking for ways to cut costs and you might hire a technician that provides a cheap service. While you save some cash in the first place, there’s a high chance that your heating system might break down after some time. 

Therefore, even if you need to spend more on a quality installation, what matters most is that you can keep premature furnace breakdowns to a minimum.

Faulty Heat Exchanger 

Heat exchangers in HVAC systems are durable. But that doesn’t mean they would always be in perfect condition throughout their lifetime. With frequent use, these furnace components are susceptible to rust, creating a hole.

Cracked heat exchangers can cause your furnace to overheat and might turn on and off. What’s more, a faulty heat exchanger can pose a health risk to you and your family as it might leak carbon monoxide, a toxic, odorless gas.

Bring Back Your Furnace’s Functionality With The Best HVAC Contractor!

When your furnace is turning on and off more often than ever, make sure to seek help only from the pros. That way, you can be sure that the furnace repair in Clemmons, NC is 100% quality and up to par.

With decades of expertise in the industry, Blown Away HVAC is the expert to call for all your specific HVAC needs and requirements. Contact us now at 336-914-3036 to fix your unit right away!


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