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Reliable and Lasting Commercial HVAC Services in Mocksville

North Carolina business owners! Have you been experiencing issues with your heating and air conditioning system? Tired of wondering when the next breakdown will be? Are your employees complaining about the climate of your office, warehouse, or shop?

If you’re a business owner or commercial property owner in Mocksville NC or surrounding area, look no further than your friends at Blown Away HVAC!

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and, when it comes to a business, we understand that the consequences of a broken-down system can mean a disruption in providing your services to your clients… also known as, lost revenue.

Improving indoor air quality and improving energy efficiency is on the mind of many business owners. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do to achieve those goals, improve productivity for your employees, and how North Carolina -native HVAC technicians at Blown Away are here to provide that for you!

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Reliable and Lasting Commercial HVAC Services in Mocksville

Commercial HVAC Services

Are you prepared for the upcoming temperature fluctuations? Are you confident that your systems will be working properly, keeping your employees happy and productive, and potential clients ready to buy? If that question didn’t result in an emphatic “yes!” then continue reading to see what we offer in North Carolina.

We offer the following services to business owners and commercial property owners in Mocksville, NC, Winston Salem, and surrounding areas!

Reliable and Lasting Commercial HVAC Services in Mocksville

Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Installation

Installing a new air conditioner or replacing an old system for your business is a massive investment! With our hot Mocksville NC summers, it’s critical to provide a cool environment for your employees and customers. A high-efficiency, new HVAC system perfectly customized to your property results in lower utility costs, improved comfort, better indoor air quality, and increased productivity! Our comfort advisors are certified and insured, ready to help you choose the best, most energy-efficient system within your budget, and install it so you won’t experience issues in the future.

Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Have you been experiencing issues with your indoor air quality? Are some rooms warmer than others? Has your unit been breaking down, leaving your employees annoyed and potential clients disinterested in your services? Our technicians are here to help! We’ll quickly identify and remedy the issue, so you can get back to earning money and saving money on your monthly energy expenses!

What is Commercial HVAC?

Commercial HVAC refers to anything involved in controlling the indoor climate of a commercial property, such as restaurants, retail spaces, warehouses, hospitals, schools, or offices. Because these spaces are generally larger than traditional residential spaces, commercial HVAC differs from its residential counterpart in terms of scale, capacity, and operational complexity.

Contractors are required to have a special license for commercial HVAC work, as well. When you’re looking for a contractor to complete work for your commercial property, be sure to check on their licenses!

Beginner’s Guide to Commercial HVAC

As a business owner or owner of a commercial property wherein you have clients renting space, you have a slew of responsibilities in the upkeep of your property. Maintaining the indoor climate of the space is one of those responsibilities that also happens to be accompanied by a series of ongoing expenses.

The objective here is to maintain an indoor temperature of around 72 degrees year-round, with humidity ranging from 40-60%. This is achieved using a heating system and a cooling system. There are many options for what type of unit to help you achieve this goal, from heat pumps (very popular for smaller businesses!) to furnaces, air conditioners, and even boilers.

You’re going to want to consider efficiency as the top priority. The more efficient your unit is, the less you will be spending on monthly utility costs. This guide will give you all the information you need to install and maintain an efficient unit for your commercial property.

Reliable and Lasting Commercial HVAC Services in Mocksville

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner or Furnace for Your Commercial Property

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a heating and cooling system for your business but the biggest concern we hear when working with business owners is efficiency. You want to know that the unit you pick will have appropriate energy consumption & won’t break down any time soon.

This is not a complete list, but it will give you an idea of what to expect when you’re looking at starting a project for new air conditioning installation and heating installation. Give your friendly heating and air conditioning installation experts a call if you have any questions!

Split Systems

You can probably guess this from the name, but these systems split up into multiple units! They’re typically connected to your duct system, and provide the opportunity for zoning. This can provide for an energy-efficient system and, should the system ever break down, your technicians can work on one unit at a time, limiting any operating disruptions.

These units are best for medium to large spaces and can be on the pricier side, as you’ll need a separate unit for each zone. However, a single-split system can be a great, economical choice for smaller spaces, such as small shops, apartments, server rooms, and other compact spaces.

Packaged ROOFTOP (RTU) Systems

A commercial packaged HVAC system houses the heating and air conditioning system in one air handler- it alters the air and circulates it through the air ducts. These are incredibly adaptable to your needs and situation, so you can rely on them during freezing temperatures and during our hot North Carolina summers.

You’ll find these installed on rooftops, and are often considered light commercial so they’re best suited for shops and light commercial spaces. Out of sight, out of mind! Make sure you schedule bi-annual maintenance ahead of time and set an alarm to ensure efficiency!

VAV Systems

VAV, or Variable Air Volume, heating, and air conditioning units are preferred for their greater temperature control, reduced noise, longer parts life, and improved energy efficiency. They are found in multiple-zone VAV systems, which are preferred for large indoor spaces, such as auditoriums you would find in a city hall, hotel, or school/university.

Chilled Water Systems

These systems are used exclusively in medium and large commercial spaces. They provide greater efficiency for large spaces than a multiple-split system might. They act as a centralized cooling system for an entire building or even multiple buildings.

The idea for this system actually originates in the time of ancient Romans! So, new to you, but definitely not new to humanity! Romans would run cool water through the walls of their buildings to cool the indoor climate. Today, these systems use chilled water to cool the air and a chiller removes the heat from that water in a refrigeration cycle. We do not currently offer installation of this specialized piece of equipment, but we’re happy to refer you to someone who does!

Heat Pumps

We recommend 5-ton heat pumps and other tonnage heat pumps to many of our smaller commercial property clients. High-efficiency heat pumps are also often eligible for rebates and benefits in North Carolina and on a federal level.

Heat pumps improve indoor air quality, have low noise, and low running costs, and can be used as air conditioning, cooling down the office environment when needed, and providing a controlled climate. They function as both heating and cooling systems.

Reliable and Lasting Commercial HVAC Services in Mocksville

What’s the difference between commercial and residential HVAC Systems & Services?

You may be wondering, why can’t I just hire North Carolina residential HVAC contractors to execute my heating and cooling services? Well, firstly, licensed residential heating and cooling service contractors cannot legally do commercial work without a license… but really, you wouldn’t want to trust anyone without direct commercial service experience and training.

The first and most obvious difference is the size of commercial units versus residential heating and cooling systems. Residential units typically max out at 5 tons, and you’ll find commercial modular rooftop units anywhere from 10, 15, 25, or even 50 tons. The location often differs, as well.

Commercial units will be found in utility closets, basements, and often on the roof. Placing your unit on the roof helps to mitigate sound, keeps it out of the way, and helps you maximize the space you have indoors.

Economizers are a huge difference between commercial and residential HVAC systems. Because commercial properties tend to produce more heat due to high activity, copy machines, and other things, your system often needs to operate at higher levels than residential systems.

Economizers use sensors and logic controllers to account for the increased energy consumption by leveraging outside air to cool the structure. You’ll typically find them on packaged rooftop units.

Another difference is found in ventilation. Ventilation and ductwork systems for commercial structures are typically much more complicated to account for fewer windows and fewer opportunities for airflow changes. Structures requiring stronger ventilation, such as restaurants, laboratories, or fitness centers.

Zoning also accounts for some of these differences. Commercial air conditioning, heat pumps, electric and gas furnaces, and other types of units are not often found alone! You will typically need multiple units heating and cooling different zones of your structure. This lowers energy costs and allows HVAC contractors to work on one zone at a time, minimizing operating disruptions.

Reliable and Lasting Commercial HVAC Services in Mocksville

Common Issues that Lead to Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Repair

When it comes to your system in North Carolina, it’s integral to have an air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace maintenance service is done on a bi-annual basis. This will allow an HVAC contractor to come in and make any small repairs that could turn into much more costly repairs! There are many benefits to this, but let’s talk about what you should be looking for, first.

Here are some common issues we see when it comes to commercial heating and cooling systems.

Short Cycling

This is the situation where you hear your unit turning on and off, over and over and over again. It doesn’t take an expert in commercial HVAC maintenance services to recognize that this isn’t good!

Short cycling means the compressor is rebooting endlessly before the desired temperature has been achieved. This could be caused by low refrigerant levels, dirty or clogged filters or ductwork, or a malfunctioning thermostat.

Leaking Refrigerant

This is one of the most common issues we see when we’re making repairs or doing maintenance services for Mocksville NC and Winston-Salem business owners.

Commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems can leak up to 30% of the charge during a year. Leak rates can be dramatically reduced with adherence to best practices in service, maintenance leak testing, and repair.

Dirty Filters

Not only do filters help to make the air cleaner for your customers and employees to breathe, but it also protects internal components of your system from excessive wear and tear. Licensed HVAC experts can help you determine how frequently you should be changing your filters, but we generally recommend 4 times a year.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Your condenser coils work in tandem with the evaporator coils to remove heat from ambient air and release that heat back out into the outdoors. Condenser coils are responsible for releasing heat back into the outdoors and are frequently located outdoors.

Being located outdoors, they are highly prone to accumulating dirt, dust, and other debris, which, left unmaintained, can result in lowered efficiency and even breakdown. An EPA study showed a 21% drop in cooling efficiency as a result of as little as 0.042” of dirt on condensing coils.


There are so many different noises that your unit could be making, and it’s important to listen to strange ones! Our HVAC contractors are trained to identify these for you, but here are a few that you may want to listen for…

  • Pops, booms, or other sharp noises: potential danger as gas builds up inside the system and either explodes or burns off when the burners ignite (call technicians ASAP!)
  • Clicking sounds: faulty igniters or flame sensors
  • Rattling or clanging sounds: loose components or improperly secured access doors
  • Hissing or “screaming” noise: excess pressure in the compressor
  • Bubbling or hissing noise: refrigerant leak inside the system
  • Squeaking or squealing sounds: lack of lubricant
  • Hissing or whistling sounds: a broken seal or loose connection

Loose Evaporator Belt

A loose evaporator belt leads to lowered fan rotation speed and can lead to a frozen coil, which leads to cracks and breaks in the coil. This issue is the perfect example of a small issue that, when addressed early, can lead to costly repairs and service in the future. If your evaporator belt is loose, it won’t be long before it gives out, so be sure to give us a call.

Economizer Issues

You can tell that an economizer isn’t functioning properly when it’s not turning on when the outside temperature, or OA (outside ambient) temp, is below 55 degrees. This could be caused by excess dirt build-up due to lack of maintenance services, or by damaged or missing filters (also due to lack of maintenance service). Not every commercial HVAC system has an economizer, so be sure to ask your technicians if you have an economizer before making any assumptions or troubleshooting.

The Impact of Indoor Air Quality on your Business

Studies show that one of the top concerns for employees returning to in-person work is indoor air quality. Investing in your business’s indoor air quality by ensuring your units are properly cleaning and maintained not only improves the health and productivity of your employees! Studies have also shown that superior indoor air quality increased productivity by up to $6,500 annually per person. It also helps you save money on your monthly energy bills and lowers your carbon footprint.

Reliable and Lasting Commercial HVAC Services in Mocksville

Why Choose Blown Away HVAC Services?

As North Carolina residents, we understand how temperamental our weather can be. Your heating and cooling systems take on a lot throughout the year, and we are here to help them keep going.

If you haven’t been able to gather this from this article yet, HVAC units are complex systems with many internal moving components and electrical work. Every Blown Away HVAC technician undergoes extensive training to understand the unique complexities of various types of heating and cooling systems. If you have a brand-new air conditioner, we have the tools and skills needed for expert service.

As a full-service HVAC company, we provide a wide range of services to address all of your Commercial HVAC needs, including:

  • Light Commercial HVAC Installation
  • Light Commercial HVAC Repair & Maintenance

Reliable Commercial HVAC Services You Can Trust in Mocksville NC and Surrounding Areas

Blown Away HVAC is the solution Mocksville NC business owners have been searching for when it comes to Commercial HVAC solutions! Our team of certified and insured technicians is available to provide any and all commercial comfort solutions for your employees and customers.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards a more comfortable, efficient, and productive space for your business, give us a call! We are available for commercial and residential HVAC maintenance, service, installation, and repair.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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