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Licensed Technician for AC Maintenance Clemmons, NC

A task like AC maintenance Clemmons, NC is never easy and cannot be a do-it-yourself project. You need to have the proper tools, training, and experience to complete the job correctly and efficiently.

This is where our team at Blown Away HVAC has you covered. We are your professional, licensed technicians serving the entire Vacaville and the nearby areas. Our main goal is to make sure that your cooling system is running efficiently throughout the season so that you can avoid those high energy bills.

What to Expect When You Skip AC Maintenance? 

Cars need tune-ups and check-ups to function as they are supposed to. The same goes for your air conditioners, yet you often overlook maintenance on these larger systems. This causes your unit to work harder than necessary and can quickly lead to frequent breakdowns and more repairs.

AC Maitenance Clemmons, NC

Here are the other problems you can expect when you don’t have your air conditioner properly serviced:

Short Cycling

This is the process where your system turns on and off too frequently. It happens when the AC isn’t large enough for the space or when the cooling equipment does not receive the care and attention it needs.

And for all of your AC maintenance Clemmons, NC projects, you can never go wrong with an experienced contractor. They have the skills to carry out the task and the advanced tools as well.

Leaking Refrigerant

You may notice that your energy bills are creeping up even though you haven’t changed how often you use your AC. One reason this could be happening is that your unit could be leaking refrigerant. Not only does this make your system less effective, but it can also cause damage to the environment.

Frozen Coils

The coils in your air conditioner are responsible for absorbing heat from your home. When they freeze over, it prevents the system from being able to keep your home cool and comfortable. A lack of refrigerant usually causes this problem, but it can also be the result of clogged filters or dirty coils.

But for a more accurate diagnosis, it’s best to have a professional in AC maintenance Clemmons, NC take a look at your unit. Even if you need to spend more, it will be worth it in the long run because you can avoid more costly problems for many years to come.

Electrical Issues

Has your air conditioner been making strange noises or smells these past few days? While these could be signs of a minor issue, they could also indicate a more serious electrical problem. And a task as complex as this should only be handled by a licensed technician to avoid any accidents.

Need Quality AC Tune-Up Services? Contact Us!

Are your energy bills higher than normal? Is your indoor air quality getting poorer day by day? Either way, your current air conditioner needs a check-up from the right HVAC company, and there’s no better place to call than Blown Away HVAC.

We provide quality AC maintenance Clemmons, NC that you can count on. We will come to your home and inspect your system to ensure that it’s running up to your requirements. We will clean it and make any necessary repairs. We will also do a test run to guarantee that your system is 100% functional and efficient again! 


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