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Due to rising temperatures, air conditioning is becoming less of a luxury item and more of a necessity. An efficient air conditioning unit can ensure your home’s comfort level and improve your daily quality of life. 

Blown Away HVAC is a full-service, family-owned service company specializing in HVAC repairs, installation, and maintenance. Our contractors have the skills and experience to provide our clients with top-notch air conditioning in Mocksville, NC. 

Our HVAC technicians use Cool Calc software to determine the heating and cooling requirements of your Mocksville, NC home. Cool Calc is accredited by the ACCA for its system design, lending to its credibility.  

One of the perks of using Cool Calc is it allows our service technicians to provide an exact quote for their services. 

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Get Fast and Affordable HVAC Services in Mocksville, NC 

Our technicians do their best to work within your budget range. Plus, our services are hassle-free, and we can provide most of our HVAC fixes within one day. 

HVAC Company in Mocksville, NC, Offers Premier AC Services 

Our full-service HVAC company provides many services to Mocksville, North Carolina homeowners. You can speak with our technicians for more details on each. 

Residential AC Services 

We provide heating and air conditioning services each year to thousands of homeowners in Mocksville, NC, and its surrounding areas. Whether you need a new AC installation, maintenance, or repairs, our talented technicians are here to help. 

Our residential air conditioning services include thermostat repair, electric/gas furnace installation, and air cleaning. We also have a proprietary air cleaner product that can help cleanse the air inside your home. 

Commercial AC Services 

In addition to residential AC services in Mocksville, NC, we offer AC repair for businesses. Efficient air conditioning is vital for a business, and many employees will not want to work for your company if you do not have a capable cooling system. 

Our commercial air conditioning services include filter replacement, ductwork patching, and insulation installation. You will receive quality air conditioning in Mocksville, NC, you can depend on. 

Air Conditioning Services You Can Trust 

We pride ourselves on our reliability. That is why we are among the top air conditioning companies in Mocksville, NC. Our customer satisfaction guarantee ensures that clients are happy with our HVAC installation and repair services when we leave their homes. 

Air Conditioning Services & Products Near You 

Whether you need air conditioning services or HVAC products, Blown Away HVAC is here to help. We have an extensive range of air cleaning products and can help you with your HVAC installations and repairs. 

We recommend scheduling maintenance appointments once a year. During these service appointments, we will thoroughly inspect your HVAC system for any issues. 

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For high-quality air conditioning in Mocksville, NC, call Blown Away HVAC at 336-914-3036 Our licensed and insured technicians are available to take your emergency calls 24/7! 
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